You’re in luck! This is going to be a December to remember for those who want to build a career that lasts. I love freebies and want to offer you that same excitement before the year’s end.

If you are already one of my newsletter subscribers, refer 2 friends to sign-up for my newsletter before December 31st and earn a free LinkedIn or resume review. Get another two people to sign up for my newsletter and you’ll earn a steeply discounted ($47) 30-minute phone or Skype career strategy session. This is a total savings for you of $150!! We can talk about whatever you want for your 30-minutes: my resume or LinkedIn profile comments, your dream career and how to get there, where you might be able to look for resources for a particular industry, how to leverage social media in your search and many more topics!

For anyone not already on my newsletter list who signs up before December 31st, they too will receive a free LinkedIn or resume review.
Bonus! And for every four more people anyone refers to sign up for my newsletter, they will qualify for that same discounted 30-minute session ($47) I mentioned above.

This is a serious win-win for everyone! I want to help anyone who simply needs a boost to get started, the confidence to navigate a new career path or a combination of tools and strategies to make sense of what might be next for them professionally.

So you’re wondering, how will she know whom I referred? I have your answer. Here is the link to the google document where you can list the names of the individuals you’ve encouraged to sign-up for my newsletter. I will cross-check my list of subscribers with this document and email you directly notifying you of your win(s).

So visit my website’s homepage today, opt-in yourself and then tell your friends. Let’s get the ball rolling!

Questions? Email me at

Happy Thanksgiving, all!

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