The Benefits of Wearing Work Uniforms [Infographic]

Work uniforms have an incredible power, and there are many benefits of wearing work uniforms within the workplace. Depending on the type of environment employees are working in, having a professional uniform can really make or break a company. Some of the main benefits of incorporating a uniform include – increasing brand awareness , creating a professional business image, promoting company pride, providing security and protection, as well as promoting team unity and equality within the workplace.

The term ‘business casual’ has become increasingly popular in the last few years, especially within office environments and more creative agencies.  However, there are still many jobs and industries that requite uniform and where a professional uniform can really make a difference to both the company staff and the customers.

Some common industries where the uniform has become iconic include – the police, military and the navy for asserting authority and protection, an air hostess uniform for professionalism, the iconic white outfit and chef’s hat for exuding cleanliness and professionalism, as well as the sports industry where a team’s kit plays an important role in bringing a team together and also representing a specific team.

The Power of Uniform

Your clothing (whether uniform or no uniform) really does affect how you act and feel. This is relevant both inside the working environment and outside the working environment. For example, trainers help to motivate you to go running, high heels help to make you feel dressed up and glamorous, and a suit helps to make you feel professional and smartly dressed. Therefore uniform can also play a vital role in how you act and feel at work.

Many employees will feel comfortable, confident and successful when they’re dressed in something that they know is appropriate for the job that they’re doing. This is where having a uniform can be particularly beneficial, and can help employees really succeed at their job. Uniform can therefore play a powerful role in dressing for success and creating clothing for employees that are designed with a specific job in mind.

Jobs That Require Uniforms

There are certain industries where uniform requirements are more obvious than others though, and some of the main ones are outlined in the infographic below, designed by the guys over at Positive Branding.

Some main examples include retail uniform which isn’t always necessarily required but is quite often chosen to help improve brand identity and awareness. Some iconic retail uniforms include Apple’s blue t-shirt, Ikea’s bright yellow shirts, Footlocker’s referee- inspired shirts, and the iconic green aprons at Starbucks.

Sports uniform is a sector that is usually required to have a uniform. This is because most sports have teams and the uniform needs to be powerful so that players and spectators can see who is on which team and identify players. For example, team kit colours within football are very relevant.

Out of all the sectors, services uniform is possibly the most distinguishable and can inflict the most power. As mentioned earlier, police and military uniform is designed to assert authority and protection. There are also construction uniforms which are designed for protection and safety, and healthcare uniforms which are meant for hygiene, comfort and identification purposes.

When thinking about workwear for your business, there are a whole load of factors to consider. There’s corporate branding, the type of image you want your employees to portray, security and protection, team equality as well as dress code and industry relevance to your business.

Which uniform do you think is the most powerful?


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