Happy New Year! As January comes to a close, I am even more ready to kickstart the goals and dreams I have for the year into gear. What about you? When most others have given up on their New Year’s resolutions, I am digging in. You, too, can dig in. 

At this time last year, I was drained, stuck and wholeheartedly in need of a professional change. I was in a job that I had outgrown but was still hanging on. I could not sit back any longer and hope for a resolution. Instead, I needed to act. So the end of January became the start of something new for me. I quit my full-time job in higher education to pursue business ownership.

I did not go it alone. I had personal and professional mentors, friends and family members empowering me in, through and beyond my decision to change careers, taking it all one step at a time.

Considering a career change yourself? Are you unhappy at work?

You, too, can take one step at a time and get unstuck. So this year, I resolve to help you take one small action today, tomorrow or even in the next hour that will move you forward and toward a more satisfying professional experience.

3 Actions in 1 Hour to Kickstart a Mid-Career Shift

Connect with a friend, family member or someone new to do one (or more) of the following:

  • Unpack what is going on in your workplace, get a neutral opinion and ideas regarding next steps to take
  • Information and tips for exploring a new industry/field, perhaps one that they know well or know that others in their network know well.
  • Learn more about someone’s career that you admire. Taking some time to step back and dream or borrow from the best practices of another field can help shape the impact you have on your company’s bottom line or for your own career goals.

Update your Resume

  • There are basic resume do’s and don’ts. Take a look at this list and implement one change over your lunch break. If you are considering a truly fresh look, take advantage of my Quick Fix Resume Review offer of $47.
  • Never wrote a summary of qualifications before? Have over 10 years’ experience? This is also a great resource for you to review.

Revisit your Budget

  • Financial concerns were high on many of mid-career professionals’ list that I interviewed earlier this winter when considering a career change. Here are 7 simple and free budgeting tools you can start using today. You might also try your credit card’s spend analyzer tool for a bird’s eye view assessment of your spending. it is important prior to a change that you assess your financial situation so you can comfortably (and realistically) meet you career dreams.
  • Visit Salary.com for information about specific position’s salaries in your industries of interest and in your target geographic locations so you can understand your earning potential both immediately and in the future.
  • Weigh the pros and cons of following a “passion” career versus a more traditional or stable career. Make a pros and cons list and then take it one step further by assigning a weight to each item or rank order in terms of importance.

Any shift or change is scary but you do not have to wait to get started nor be alone in the process. Have questions? Email me! I’m happy to chat and here to help.

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